Licensing Opportunities

X-Port Wire Hiders takes advantage of the trend in smart, wearable tech while offering the opportunity to tap into 2 of the fastest growing retail segments.

According to a study conducted by Grand View Research Inc, the global earphone and headphone market is expected to reach USD 15.8 billion by 2025.

The market for wired earphone and headphone is anticipated to reach $9.8 billion by the end of 2017 – up from $9.3b in 2016.

The global market for sports and fitness clothing is projected to reach $231 billion dollars by 2024, driven by rising health consciousness and the resulting increase in participation in sports and fitness activities.

  • Blurring line between casual wear and sports apparel expands the frequency of purchase.
  • Increased participation in mountaineering and cycling fuels demand for performance apparel
  • Increase in the number of fitness clubs and gyms spurs demand for men and women gym fashion apparel

With both a done-for-you solution and a DIY kit, X-Port is uniquely positioned to tap into the new apparel market while offering the opportunity to retrofit existing apparel. 

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