The End of Cord Chaos

Introducing X-Port Wire Hiders

The first patented sports apparel that allows you to access headphone wires through your shirt!

Focus On Your Workout, Not Your Wires

X-Port technology creates a small opening in your shirt that gets headphone wires out of the way when you are running, biking, exercising, commuting, gaming, etc.

Multiple Ports in Multiple Styles

With the option of a welted button hole or a DIY grommet kit, whichever X-Port style you choose provides 5 access ports to connect with your music device or phone.

"When we become free of the constraints that the past have on our life, we can fully live into an exciting futureā€

  • Ergonomic

    Ports are strategically located to offer access to pant pockets, jacket pocket, arm-bands, etc. Proprietary X shape keeps wires from tugging, ensuring they remain both in your ears and connected to your phone.

  • Versatile

    With both a welted button hole option and DIY grommet kit, X-Port offers the option of manufacturing new apparel or retrofitting existing apparel.

  • Fashionable

    Eliminates visibility of 90% of the headphone wire, while streamlining and channeling the cable to maintain the form and fit of your apparel.


Chord Rage
(noun): The intense frustration that comes from getting your headphones unsuspectingly ripped from your ears.  


Avoid the dreaded dropped phone.

X-Port is strategically designed to keep headphone wires from getting in your way.


Bluetooth? No thanks.

If you aren't turned off by the cost, constant pairing issues, or low battery life, how about searching for missing ear buds?

The X-Port Story

When I go to the gym I like to run my headphone wires underneath my shirt. It isn’t the most elegant solution, but I was starting to get “headphone rage” with the amount of times my cord has gotten caught on gym equipment - yanking them out of my ears, or even worse breaking my phone (it happened on the treadmill one time – it was not a pretty sight).

On one particular day though I had on a long-sleeved shirt and an armband for my phone, so tucking it under the shirt wasn't an option.  I'm not at the gym for any kind of fashion show so I improvised…I actually bit a hole in my sleeve passed the wire through and plugged it in the device and went about my workout.  It wasn’t until a few people remarked about my “unique solution” that I realized I might be on to something.  And that is how the X-Port was born.


How many ports does the X-Port system have?

Both the welted button hole and DIY Grommet Kit contain 5 strategically located ports.  One center port for initial routing, one port on each shoulder and two ports at the bottom of the garment.

How do I install the ports on my shirts?

It's an easy 2 step process.

The DIY X-Port kit comes with a hole punch and crimper.  Simply punch a hole where you want to insert a port and then crimp the 2 halves of the X-Port together until they snap. 

Will the ports come out in the wash?

Once it is securely fastened with our crimper, the X-Port will remain securely in place both during your workouts and when you wash your garments.

Isn't it just easier to use Bluetooth Headphones?

Bluetooth headphones have pros and cons.  Many people are turned off by their prohibitive cost, poorer sound quality, pairing issues and battery life.  Additionally, studies of Bluetooth are underway that link exposure to microwaves and brain radiation.